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5 Weight Loss Facts Scientists Believe We Should All Know

    5 weight loss facts that scientists believe we all need to know NOW.

    1. Even low alcohol consumption could lead to weight gain.
    Alcohol affects your liver’s ability to process sugar which means it can lower your ability to burn calories.

    2. Digital tools really do help you lose weight.
    Researchers found that when using these kinds of tools 74% of participants reported weight loss.

    3. Getting older doesn’t have to lower your weight-loss success.
    No matter your age, approach weight loss or weight maintenance as something of a side effect.

    4. Skipping dinner may sabotage your weight loss goals.
    Researchers found that those who didn’t eat dinner showed a 10% weight gain compared to those who did.

    5. Weight loss could help you fight COVID-19.
    Research has connected excess weight and obesity to to a range of health issues and recent studies have added COVID-19 to the list.

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